Julie Whitehead – Inspired by Art & Flowers.

I have always had a love of art; it’s been woven like a tapestry throughout my life.  Growing up surrounded by beautiful flowers & gorgeous gardens was my everyday. My mother’s garden was always filled with enchanting colour, movement & exquisite aromas.  Helping mum plant her bulbs was amazing to me would as I would watch them amazingly  emerge from the ground & kinds of stunning floral would flourish in spring. Nature as its best.

Colour has always been an influence in my life. My mother & grandmother were dress designers.  Remembering all the luxurious fabrics that were transformed into elegant dresses & the most beautiful ball gowns sometimes with gorgeous diamante flowers delicately sewn on was part of my glorious introduction to colour & design. As a young girl I was drawn to classical ballet which I studied for over 10 years.  The dance, movement, drama, colour & precision that went into every step was captivating to me.

Attending art school completing a 4-year Diploma in art & design & a graduate diploma in education was an inevitable sequence of events. I was in heaven. I only ever wanted to paint… to be a professional artist.
After a few years of producing & selling my paintings life took a bit of a diversion.

I found myself painting in chocolate. Being one of Australia’s prestigious chocolatiers in the wedding industry, painting in chocolate was inevitable.  Producing a luxury product that was all hand crafted in chocolate decoration as well as designing beautiful cakes with amazing chocolate flowers on them …. sometimes hand painted in vibrant colours.

Art is Energy.

“Chocolate artist takes time to smell the roses”

After nearly 30 years of a highly successful & innovative chocolate business in the wedding industry; producing highly sought after luxury hand moulded chocolates & cakes I turned my attention from crafting chocolate to my first passion & love, painting. Its like going home… it just feels like I am where I should be. I just couldn’t deny the strong pull back to my painting. Its like it was calling me & I haven’t looked back. I really just changed mediums from painting in chocolate to now painting in oils & acrylics again.

My art is about energy, beauty, love, strength, colour, movement & integral to all of it is heart. I love painting floral as flowers are so sensual. They are so fragile & delicate like the peonies I love painting at the moment yet have a resilience to survive. Flowers are also a symbol of love & are frequently given to express that as well as gratitude compassion as well as a luxury gift.

I love working on large canvasses as the overall impact is so much more intense & engaging. They take on a life of their own. I love that I can produce beautiful works of art that clients love & purchase to exhibit in their homes & places of work.