Custom art

I get really inspired when asked about doing a commission as I know the process results in presenting the owner with their dream piece.I usually meet with my client & discuss what subject matter they have in mind. If they are unsure I have tons of reference I can show them. I have personally taken thousands of photos of floral studies locally & overseas.

While discussing subject matter it is essential to talk about colour & where the painting will be hung. Most people come with an idea of what they have seen somewhere or an image in their mind of what they think they would like. It could also be a combination of paintings I have already completed on my web site.

The size of the commission is important. I have also in some cases gone over to my client’s home & projected an image up on their wall with my hand-held projector. It’s a wonderful way for my clients to get an idea of what size would look great for their wall. It is up to me to bring their dream to life. Its what I love doing.

“I recently had the absolute pleasure to purchase one of Julie’s paintings.  When I saw it I knew I had to have it -fuchsia and peonies, say no more.  This painting brings so much happiness every time I look at it, Julie’s work is sublime!  Julie is such a beautiful person inside and out and is so easy to work with, I look forward to purchasing another painting in the future.”    Carol Balfour


My custom art photos show a variety of environments where my paintings are displayed. From bedrooms, lounge rooms, hallways & entrances; there is always a place for my original custom art.

Tads red rose looks fabulous above his bed with all the greys & silver linen. The red pillow is a beautiful accent.

The beautiful pink peony was purchased for Georgia’s 19th birthday. I really love these photos; its such a typical teenagers room with study notes stuck to the wall  ect. Amongst all this she loves her peony with the silver & bronze gold leaf.

Even the photo with the stair case shows my clients crimson “Enrapture” which is the view from the front door. Her painting is the first thing you see as you enter her home.

I love all these in situ photos as they show there is always a situation where I can design the perfect custom painting.