“My art is about integrity, energy & love. It comes from the heart”.

Julie Whitehead

Original Artwork

Internationally renowned  artist Julie Whitehead specialises in the creation of original, exquisite & unique floral paintings.  She works in the highest quality oils & acrylics.  The creative process begins with photographing her floral subjects from many different angles & with varying light conditions.

While creating the image on canvas; Julie uses her passion to bring it to glorious life with vibrant colours, intricate design & an endless  amount of heart & love. An original designer piece is created.

   “I have been an admirer of Julie Whitehead’s paintings for a long time. I love the femininity, colours and depth found within each piece. I have attended all of Julie’s exhibits and experience goosebumps whilst admiring her paintings…a feeling of being connected to each piece. I especially felt this when I saw the piece that now hangs on our bedroom wall. I admire every brush stroke and appreciate the emotional detail that Julie has invested into it.”       Julie Lawrence

Custom Artwork

Julie Whitehead Custom Artworks ensures that you are presented with your dream piece.  Following a consultation process to identify what you may be looking for, Julie will then create an artwork especially for you.  A painting that will not be reproduced or printed….it is unique for you only.

Recent Custom Projects